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CFI Portland is a 100% volunteer-run organization. CFI headquarters provides professional legal and administrative support, but everything we do at the local level is done by dedicated volunteers who contribute their time, energy, and ideas to making our community prosper.

CFI Portland volunteers work on a wide range of duties. We develop long-term strategy in conjunction with CFI headquarters, track finances and membership, and identify and start new programs. We maintain communication with our members, manage online sites, and write letters to the editors of local publications. We identify issues that are of concern to us, and form coalitions with other organizations to address them. We organize events and programs. We reserve venues and manage logistics. We teach young people, and develop curricula. We staff information tables, and we prepare food to bring to events.

The more volunteers we have at all levels of involvement,
the more we can do!

If you are interested in helping out at any level, whether as a leader who helps shape the future of the community, as a manager who makes sure existing programs run well and reliably, or as a supporting volunteer who helps by taking on limited tasks such as copying, making phone calls, or baking cookies, please contact

And if you have a great program idea you would like to implement or if you can contribute specific legal, PR, IT/Web, fundraising, or other expertise, please let us know.

Event Information

CFI Portland offers many interesting programs and events where you can meet other members of the community, educate yourself, and become part of the conversation. Our calendar offers book groups and discussion groups, science events, lectures, social get-togethers, film nights, family programs, and much more.

If going to one of our events is intimidating, if you live too far away from our nearest meetup, or if you’re just hungry for more information, we have some fun online resources for you! Feel free to use these to ask questions, start discussions, read articles, keep up on the news, or just to feel a part of something bigger than yourself!

View a complete calendar of events here.

Meetup Groups:

Questions? Confused? Have a great idea? Email us HERE

Freethinkers of Portland State University:

  • Provides a supportive atmosphere and a forum for open discussion among atheists, agnostics, and students who are unsure about religion
  • Provides visibility and a public voice for non-religious students on campus
  • Educates students about non-religious viewpoints and dispel myths about atheism through publications, multimedia, speaking engagements, and public service
  • Sponsors outreach events to foster understanding between religious and non-religious students (e.g., view and discuss films with religious or atheist messages)
  • Promotes critical thinking and science education on campus Join their Facebook Group

Secular Student Alliance:

    • To look for other student groups go to the

SSA website