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Ute Mitchell, Freelance Writer and head of CFI Portland’s parenting and family outreach, discusses our monthly program Rational Sunday School in The Humanist magazine:

It’s Sunday morning at a community center in a suburb of Portland, Oregon. A group of children, age four to twelve, form a half circle, their mouths ajar and eyes wide, staring at the man in front of them. He performs a magic trick as part of the day’s Rational Sunday School activity, dubbed “magic and illusions.” Mike Mitchell, founder of the program, parent of two young ones, and magician for a day, has just captured a ghost inside a napkin. He invites the children to touch the napkin and feel for themselves. Unfortunately the ghost “collapses,” the children break into uncontrollable laughter, and Mike wipes his forehead. Today’s meeting is much more work than usual. Mike has spent hours researching, watching magic videos, and practicing his tricks at home. After each trick Mike explains to the kids how it worked and why. The “oohs” and “ahhs” confirm the class is a success, and the children thank their magician cheerfully before running off for free playtime.

Rational Sunday School, as the Sunday morning children’s activity for children of atheists and humanists is called in Portland, is not a particularly new movement among humanists in the United States…

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